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Bill C-10 – Harper Omnibus Crime Bill Facing Criticism Across the Board

What is Bill C-10? On September 20, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson tabled Bill C-10, an omnibus bill titled the Safe Streets and Communities Act.  Combining amendments from nine separate bills that had failed to pass in previous sessions of parliament, Bill C-10 would make fundamental changes to almost every component of Canada’s criminal justice system.  It proposes: New criminal offences New and increased mandatory minimum sentences The selective elimination of conditional sentences Increased pretrial detention and new, harsher sentencing principles for…

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Welcome to Skinner Criminal Law

Welcome to my personal blog for Skinner Criminal Law.  I will occasionally use this space to post general information, news and commentary, as well as current legal issues. Please do not confuse any posts with legal advice or guidance.  If you are facing any legal troubles your best approach is to consult a lawyer.

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